Build a Blog that Google Loves & Generate an Income!

The Affiliate Phoenix Academy Course shows you how to create your blog or niche site based on safe, long-term strategies.

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Build Your Blog the Right Way – Affiliate Phoenix Academy Shows You How

Has the process of building a niche site or blog left you confused or with underwhelming results?

    • Are you completely new to niche sites or blogs and don’t know where to start?
    • Have you created a blog but it won’t get much traffic?
    • Does SEO sound confusing to you?
    • Not sure what monetization method to implement?
    • Does it all just sound confusing or overwhelming?

Building a site with intent, people, and the search engines in mind isn’t hard but it’s not easy unless you know what elements go into a successful site.

You see, once you set up your site, there are a lot of steps in between that are “glossed over” in a lot of courses.  Overall, here is how you create a revenue generating niche site or blog:

Setup Your Blog -> Publish Helpful and Search Engine Optimized Content -> Monetize Your Blog Content -> Get Traffic from Search Engines ->  Make Commissions From Products Sold (affiliate or your own), ads, or an email list.

Each one of these major steps has several components to it to make it successful.  Take a look at the overall course modules*:


Affiliate Phoenix Academy: How to Create a Niche Blog & Make Money Main Modules

Here are the Affiliate Phoenix Academy course main modules:

    • Module 1: Niche Research
    • Module 2: Keyword Research
    • Module 3: Website and Blog Setup
    • Module 4: Branding [logo + design]
    • Module 5: Creating and Establishing E-A-T
    • Module 6: Content Creation
    • Module 7: SEO
    • Module 8: Monetization Methods
    • Module 9: Building Additional Assets to Weather any search engine updates
    • BONUS: Phoenix Audit Process [for existing sites]

Following is a further look into each module. Keep in mind that not every lesson within each module is revealed to protect the course information.  Here is a deeper look into each modules:


Deeper Look Into Lessons Within Each Module

Module 1: Niche Research

  • What niche should your site or blog be in? [Determining Passion Niches and Why this is a Bonus]
  • Seasonal Niches vs Evergreen Niches [Pros and Cons]
  • Can you sell products in this niche?

Module 2: Keyword Research

  • what are keywords or keyphrase?
  • what keywords are a good fit for each content piece you want to write about?
  • short tail keywords versus long tail keywords
  • why choosing long tail keywords is preferred over short tail
  • clustering keywords or keyphrases together
  • topical authority
choosing domain name

Module 3: Domain Names

  • What’s in a domain name?
  • Pros and cons of picking different types of domain names
blog setup

Module 4: Site/Blog Setup

  • Introduction to Hosting and Choosing Hosting Plan
  • Introduction to WordPress and Why it’s a great choice
  • Technical Steps
wp optimization

Module 5: WordPress Optimization

    • What niche should your site or blog be in? [Determining Passion Niches and Why this is a Bonus]
    • Seasonal Niches vs Evergreen Niches [Pros and Cons]
    • Can you sell products in this niche?

Module 6: Importance of Branding

  • Why it’s super important and plays into establishing trust
  • Designing a logo

Module 7: E-A-T

  • What is E-A-T and why it’s crucial for your blog or niche site
  • Concrete Steps to Creating/Establishing EAT
content creation

Module 8: Content Creation

    • What niche should your site or blog be in?
    • Coming up with a list of 50 topics
    • What type of Content Helps with E-A-T
    • Discussing how long a post/article should be and if it’s a ranking factor
    • What Keywords of Keyphrases can this article be optimized for?
    • How to Structure Your Informational Article

Module 10: SEO

  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-Site SEO vs Off-Site SEO
  • Lessons on main on-site SEO Factors


Affiliate Phoenix Academy is Perfect for Beginners

for beginners

If you are a beginner, this course is perfect for you.  Watch the video lessons, follow the exercises, ask questions in the private FB group (just for course members) and build your blog or niche site. I (Moon) will be showing you how to setup your website or blog using WordPress, what plugins you should install, and so much more:


    • I explain every step you need to learn bit by bit to eliminate confusion.
    • Based on my SEO testing, experience with my own blogs and niche sites, as well as client sites.
    • Use strategies that Google highlights (like E-A-T) for long-term success.
    • Demystify what Google and search engines are “looking for”.
    • I love to bridge the gap between technical lingo and layman’s explanation.
    • I don’t believe in “fluff” so lessons are to the point so you can learn and execute right away.

But What If I Have Tried Before and Have Failed?

Here’s my personal point of view: there is no such thing as a failure.

failure is success in progress

Usually, people give up way too soon!  If your blog isn’t showing you the results you want, there is a reason for it: it could be technical or something as simple as unrealistic expectations.

To make your niche site or blog a success, you need to assess what the problem was/is, fix it, and continue building your blog.

If you have a blog or niche site that didn’t take off like you had hoped, that’s actually a bonus: you have actually taken quite a few steps and have learned a lot of skills.  The course can still help.

A Quick Note: The internet marketing and SEO industries are all about “hype” and little substance. If you’ve been down that road before, I understand how the disappointment feels. Niche sites and blogs are like anything else: the more love and effort you put into them, the more they grow.

This course is for you IF:

    • Understand that building an online asset (like a valuable websites) takes time (1-2 years)
    • Aren’t afraid of investing time, effort, or money
    • You love learning and applying what you have learned
    • You love cats and coffee
This is NOT for you IF:

    • You want a new tactic that may not last or is a hack
    • Believe AI content can create great content and get you success
    • Have unrealistic expectations
    • Don’t like cats or dogs

Ready to Buy? Introducing Special Pricing!


Special Value Pricing

The Affiliate Phoenix Academy Course is in the process of being built, hence the Special Value Pricing!  This price will change soon.

Currently, there are seven video lessons in the course and each month and the modules are growing every month.

Every month after that, there will be new lessons added. 


What You Will Receive in the Affiliate Phoenix Academy Course

Here is what you will receive:

    • Access to video lessons
    • PDF and other resources to help you do exercises that you can print
    • FB Community for students only

You will get access to the video lessons that you can pace as fast or as slow as you want.  The FB Community for paid customers/students has a few advantage: you will get to interact with other bloggers and niche site owners who are on the same journey, ask questions, and share your knowledge with others.  I will also be adding exercises/PDF that you can print to work through any lessons where I deem those exercises will be beneficial to course members.

Please understand I don’t offer refunds. If you are not sure about this course, please do not buy it.  Feel free to browse the Affiliate Phoenix blog and other resources.

My Goal With this Course

My personal goal is to make this one of the best courses to build profitable blogs and niche sites out there so YOU can build an income generating niche site!

There is nothing as amazing as watching a blogger make their blog into an income generating machine.  From baby steps to a thriving online business, the sky is the limit with your blog and niche site.

If you don’t know Moon, (that’s me, HI!), let me tell you a little bit about myself: I love cats, coffee, niche sites, pizza with SEO as a topping, Indian and Pakistani foods, walking, Teen Wolf, Buffy, and My Cousin Vinny.

I also believe that learning and mastering how to build and monetize websites for the long term is the ultimate freedom – it has changed my life!  While you’ll never see me posing next to a Lamborghini, this Millennial values other things in life 😉

You can:

    • travel and live anywhere
    • get more time with your partner/family
    • sit on the toilet doing nothing while your legs fall asleep
    • not trade time for money

During the pandemic, my mindset shifted a lot and I realize I am not the only one who wants time “off” and the ability to spend it however I want.  If you feel similarly, then I am excited to have you here.

In this course, I break down every concept as much as possible and use examples to drive the point home.  If you can’t break something down so gramma and the rest of us can understand, you shouldn’t be teaching.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the US or Pakistan (I’ve lived in both countries): as long as you have a computer or laptop, a small budget, and internet access, you can create a blog or niche site based on your passions that people will love and earn you an income.

Please understand I don’t offer refunds. If you are not sure about this course, please do not buy it.  Feel free to browse the Affiliate Phoenix blog and other resources.