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If you want visitors from Google or other search engines to land on your niche blog, then selecting the right keywords is essential to your success.

But there’s a lot that goes into picking the “right” keywords and a lot of misconceptions to face head-on.

What I am sharing in this blueprint is based on two years of testing; a lot of these keywords landed in top 3 of Google time and time again (usually position #1) and brought valuable visitors from Google interested in reading blog content I was sharing, subscribing to the newsletters, and making purchases.

The following images show hundreds of clicks resulting from keywords that were listed as zero search volume by keyword tools:

new zero volume keywords


Getting visitors from Google can take a while but let me tell you: these keywords are super easy to rank for, were the fastest to rank in top positions in Google, and brought in more traffic than I thought possible.

It’s the foundation I use for each one of my blogs:

Check out how I did it for my blogs repeatedly.
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