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Most affiliate marketers find researching affiliate products overwhelming and daunting, which is normal. However, selecting and promoting the wrong products to your audience (or the wrong products for yourself) will kill your credibility and leave you with no affiliate sales, which can lead to a lot of discouragement.  And that doesn’t sit well with the Affiliate Phoenix!

For that reason, your favorite Phoenix grabbed her old-fashioned pen and dipped it in ink and started writing out this guide in cursive.


4 Essential Tips That Will Help You Promote Affiliate Products

If you nail this process and select the right affiliate products to offer to your audience, they will trust you, love you for it, and keep coming back for more recommendations!  

Here are 4 tips to help you choose the best affiliate offers to your audience:   


1. Promote Products (& Companies) You Love and Can Stand Behind

If you stick to promoting products that you love and are beneficial to your audience, you can’t go wrong.  Put your audience or readers’ interests at the forefront and it’s simple.

People love genuine recommendations.


2. The Affiliate Products Need to Match Your Audience’s Needs

What niche is your site or blog in?  Whatever niche you are in, you need to do thorough research and see what products will solve your audience’s issues.

If your niche site is about hiking and you start promoting products like pet food, this is a clear mismatch.  Likewise, if I, the Affiliate Phoenix, started promoting hiking products on this site, when clearly my audience, YOU, are here to learn about affiliate marketing and how to make money with websites and blogging, it just wouldn’t make sense! 

Promoting products that don’t make sense to your audience will leave them confused and distrustful of you and your brand.


3. Know the Product You’re Promoting Well

This really goes back to #1: if you are only promoting products you love, it’s because you  have used them and they solved an issue for you.  By proxy, you know the product well.

Make sure you go as in-depth as possibly and make it clear WHY you loved the product and HOW it solved an issue you were experiencing.  You can do an in-depth review where you show them images and videos of you using the product (if it can be demonstrated).


4.  Create Videos

This creates a lot of trust between you and the people reading and viewing your content.  Think about it this way: an in-depth blog post is great but it is faceless.  It’s just text.  

Nothing is as powerful as video and if you are comfortable with shooting a video regarding that product or showing how you’re using it in your projects (in a subtle way) will go miles.  

Wyzowl shares that 78% of video marketers say that video has directly helped increase sales. Check out the increase is video marketing over the last few years:

video marketing stats by Wyzowl

Videos make you stand out and give a face to your brand.  Also, another fun “side effect” of adding a video is: you can use them to build out a YouTube or TikTok channel for your website or brand.


In Summary

If you are completely new promoting products on your site, keep these easy but effective tips in mind.  

With that said, the Affiliate Phoenix is due for an evening flight.

*Screeches a Goodbye Call*