Haven't hit your blogging goals or affiliate income?
Building a profitable blog has its challenges. Get past those challenges by participating in the AP Group Mentorship Program and connecting with likeminded bloggers and niche site owners as I guide you and the rest of the group.

AP Mentorship Program Information

Get Past the Challenges that Have Your Blog’s Traffic & Revenue in a Chokehold by Participating in the First AP Group Mentorship Program!

Hello and welcome to the first Affiliate Phoenix Group Mentorship Program launching in Spring 2024!

If you have been a blogger or niche site owner who focuses on getting traffic from Google and monetizing it BUT:

  • Are having difficulty getting your blog enough traffic to make any significant revenue
  • Keep overthinking what you need to do for your blog to make it successful
  • Get overwhelmed taking the necessary actions you need to take to hit your blogging goals
  • Know there are missing pieces but don’t know what they are
  • Find SEO confusing (or which parts to even focus on?!)

Well, you’re not alone!

The question is, if you’re not living life on your terms because your blog isn’t performing well in Google or you need hands-on help with monetization methods, what will you do to get through it? And more importantly, can I help?

Let’s Talk: Can the AP Group Mentorship Program Help You?

More than likely, you’ve spent a lot of time trying to grow your blog and have gotten stuck somewhere in the process.

Think about a giant mechanism built with a few gears and those gears have to work with each other for this big mechanism to move.

Even if one cog gets stuck, this big mechanism won’t move.

And that’s how it works in the world of blogging and SEO.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve:

  • Spent years in FB groups learning
  • Bought courses only to be left overwhelmed
  • Executed new strategies only with no results to show
  • Searched for the answers but there’s information overload

Been there, done that.

And it was lonely, confusing, and overwhelming.

Now, imagine a group of like-minded individuals including bloggers and niche site owners at various stages of blog growth, meeting every two weeks, sharing challenges and issues only to have them discussed thoroughly and to have your questions answered by people in the trenches.

Along the way, I’ll be hosting you, sharing my solutions to your challenges, and holding you accountable to your goals.


Deeper Look Into the AP Group Mentorship Program

Meeting #1: Intros/Goals

  • Everyone will introduce themselves and where they are with their blogging journey
  • Discuss their main goal(s) to accomplish by the end of the mentorship program
  • End session with next week’s goals

Meeting #2: SEO

  • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having
  • Start discussions
  • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting
choosing domain name

Meeting #3: Keyword

  • Go over everyone’s last goals
  • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
  • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting
blog setup

Meeting #4: Site Structure

  • Go over everyone’s last goals
  • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
  • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting
wp optimization

Meeting #5: Content

    • Go over everyone’s last goals
    • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
    • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting

Meeting #6: Branding

  • Go over everyone’s last goals
  • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
  • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting

Meeting #7: E-E-A-T

  • Go over everyone’s last goals
  • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
  • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting
content creation

Meeting #8: Content Creation

    • Go over everyone’s last goals
    • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
    • Discuss goals to accomplish before next meeting

Meeting #9: Open Session

  • Go over everyone’s last goals
  • Highlight 2-3 issues members are having with keyword strategy
  • Discuss where everyone is with their main goal we discusses in meeting #1
*The program will be customized to fit the needs of the participants. This is a lose curriculum.


Benefits of the AP Mentorship Program

for beginners
A cohort of bloggers or niche site owners discussing the latest in what makes for:

  • What makes for “good content”
  • Sharing data on what’s working in Google search
  • Partnerships that could lead in long-term growth of your blog
  • Plugins that convert the best
  • How to increase opt-ins for your blog’s email list
  • Other traffic strategies that may be working for bloggers in this cohort

There’s so much to discuss and learn from other blogging entrepreneurs.

I intend on making this an intimate, friendly community focused on growing your blog AND your skillset!

The Format of the AP Group Mentorship Program

failure is success in progress

Here’s how the AP Group Mentorship is structured:

  • Two weekly Zoom sessions a month
  • Each session will be 1.5 hours long
  • 8 total sessions over ~4 months
  • Each session will be recorded and available to you for view within a few days
  • An exclusive FB Group where cohort members can hang and slang
  • Each session will start by highlighting an issue or two a member is experiencing

That’s what the format of the AP Group Mentorship will be.

I will be coaching and mentoring the group hands-on and you will also have the additional benefit of networking and having support from other bloggers and niche site owners.

Every time I’ve been in a room surrounded by bloggers and SEOs, within a year, I have grown my skills and my income.

Those three blogs I mentioned up there didn’t happen by accident.

They happened because I’ve gone to SEO conferences and have held masterminds with other bloggers.

It’s how I’ve dominated and specialized in on-page SEO and have earned six figures delivering amazing results for clients over the years (and now, myself!)

You have to be clear in your intent and focus to get your blog where it needs to be. The Universe will do the rest.

This Mentorship Program Isn’t For Everyone

Special Value Pricing
I don’t like pretentiousness. I don’t like jerks. I don’t like assholes.

Which is why making this mentorship program exclusive makes me feel like I am an asshole but hear me out.

This mentorship program is designed for those of you who have started a blog but haven’t reached a good point with it.

This isn’t for beginners.

This isn’t for bloggers who have been blogging for less than a year.

At minimum, you must have published 50 blog posts for one blog.

You must be familiar with:

  • Keywords
  • Clustering content
  • Internal Linking
  • How to publish an article

…and other on-page SEO concepts.

If you’re not familiar with them, then you should start with the Affiliate Phoenix Academy Course where I go through everything I do to grow successful blogs and monetize them.

This minimum is here so that I can help everyone who is stuck past the ‘new blogger’ stage.

You must meet the minimum.  It’s okay to be stuck or to want to connect with other bloggers to get the most updated information. That’s what the AP Mentorship Program is about.

With that said, I have worked on client blogs in competitive niches such as:

  • Hosting
  • Gambling
  • Technical Industry
  • CBD
  • Vaping

… and much more.

I’ve been able to help them fix technical issues and strategize a plan with them that has resulted in doubling or tripling their traffic and even flipping their blogs a year later.

So, if you think I can’t help you double your traffic, you’d be sorely mistaken as I’ve helped countless bloggers and niche site owners double or triple traffic on their sites (site that were getting 5,000+ clicks/day).

This is to establish that I can help your blog even if your blog gets a LOT more traffic than mine!

My Own Blogging Journey Has Taken Two Years


Special Value Pricing
Today, I’m enjoying the fruits of my labour because I’ve been able to build a small portfolio of blogs. Three of these blogs generate revenue thanks to products and affiliate product sales.  While I take on client work, my blogs pay for my lifestyle. One of those blogs is averaging 1,500-2,000 clicks per month.

I had to test every crucial part of ranking a niche site.  While my whole career is built on on-page SEO and I can do wonders for clients who already have existing traffic from Google, growing a site from zero traffic to enough where each one could generate, at minimum, $2,000-$3,000/month seemed like a monumental task. This one brought in a cool $22,000 through Amazon Associates alone (in 2022).

But I was adamant on making it work and I have. Here’s my second blog:

Here’s my third blog:
25k blog

I only show you these so you know what I’ve been able to achieve with my own blogs.

And I firmly believe I can help other people not only achieve these results, but even better results.

Two of my top blogs will already be receiving twice the traffic three months from now by the time the first AP Group Mentorship Program starts and it feels so exciting.

And I want you to have the same excitement as your blogs start tapping their potential!

The Investment to Participate in the AP Group Mentorship Program

The AP Group Mentorship Program is a hands on mentorship programming that requires active participation and discussions.

I have been in the blogging and SEO space since 2007 and have served hundreds of clients over the years as well as having grown my own blogs in the last couple of years.  I have also spoken at SEO industry events as a presenter (and even honoured as the best speaker at the first event I spoke at).

Typically, my one-on-one consulting is an investment of $500 for one hour.

You’re paying for the experience and the knowledge I’ve accumulated through my own testing and from all the work I’ve done.

The group mentorship will consist of 12 hours.

If I charged the one-on-one consulting rate and consulted you individually, that would be an investment of $6,000.  

But because this is the first AP Group Mentorship Program launch and I want it to sell out (and I want the participants to be successful), I’ve kept the investment for you pretty low and juicy.

Since this is a group mentorship program, you have the chance to work with me and learn from your peers for a whopping investment of $2,499… not even half the rate of what I would charge you working one-on-one.

No catch!

I’m building up the Affiliate Phoenix brand and I also want this to be affordable for those who truly want to succeed with their blogging and affiliate goals.




While $2,499 is the investment for you to make to participate in this mentorship program, I have reserved 3 spots at $1,999 (for $167/hr, eek!) if you apply for the mentorship program, agree to have a short interview (explained on the form), you get accepted into the program, and you make the payment before January 1st.

Please note: This reduced pricing is ONLY available for 3 participants who act fast and are accepted into the AP Group Mentorship Program.

*You must be available to chat as I want to make sure that I am accepting motivated action takers into the program.

Ready to Apply?

As mentioned prior, the AP Group Mentorship isn’t for everyone; I will choose 10 applicants based on criteria I have set.

If you think you can benefit from the AP Group Mentorship Program which will be held in Spring 2024, please fill out the form by clicking on the button below.

Pending start dates are February or March 2024.