Paid Case Study: How I Built a Blog That Generates Thousands & Receives Over 2,000 Clicks/DAY From Search!

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Welcome to the First Paid AP Blogging Case Study!

Blood. Sweat. Sobbing endlessly…

Okay, the blood and sobbing parts are a bit dramatic but you get the idea! A lot went into making one of my oldest blogs a sweet success and in this paid case study, you’re going to hear me talk about it all.  Whereas other bloggers and SEO experts glaze over the challenges, I believe that overcoming those challenges is where our success is; that is exactly the case with this very blog. 

Check out the sweet traffic on this baby, more than doubling it after plateauing for months:

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If you love case studies as much as I do and have followed me for a while, you should enjoy this one.  Go behind-the-scenes and learn juicy details that I’ve never revealed pertaining to this specific blog like:

    • What niche this blog is in
    • How much it made through Amazon Associates (affiliate) program in 2022
    • How many articles have been published
    • What challenges I had to overcome to grow it to profitability
    • Analysis of costs and revenue (2022 and 2023) 

…..and all the nuances that I can’t list here.

Important Note: If you want your hands on this paid case study, it is available at this special Black Friday pricing until November 23rd OR when 50 sales go through (whichever one happens first!)


Specifics About This Paid Case Study Product

Keep in mind, I’ve never discussed the specifics of how much my blogs make but I am super excited for the growth of this particular one and decided to create it.

The case study contains three videos totaling an hour’s worth of content.

If you love case studies as much as I do and have followed me for a while, you should enjoy this one and, I believe, learn a lot from it.

Please note:  I do not reveal the blog URL but give niche and other details.

Also note: no refund policy as this is a digital product. TY.

Last note: The price of this case study will increase on December 1st and then January 1st to its regular price. The current Black Friday pricing is the lowest it’ll ever be so take advantage now 🙂